Article writing

While we’ve previously been happy to accept commissions on any subject, we’ve now started specialising and prefer to accept projects that are based around either of those subjects or one that holds a particular interest for us. Useful resources: how to write an article , Writing Articles |, For example: one of our latest projects was to write an article on the new personalised iPhone 7 case that are available now to order online this was a project we really enjoyed working […]

Creative writing competition

MUST: 1. Be the sole work of one writer (illustrations and introductions excluded) 2. Be published for the first time  in the calendar year preceding the award 3. The author must be living at the time the book is submitted for the Award. 4. Be comprised substantially of work which has not been previously published in individually authored collections 5. Be a work of poetry, fiction or creative non-fiction (see note below) 6. Be published by an established publishing house, […]

Website Localization services


English literature has witnessed the presence of rich classic work done by many well known authors and poets. Stories, novels, short stories, poems, plays etc. have been some of the primary writing genres contributed by different categories of writers. William Shakespeare, John Milton, James Thomson, James Boswell, Samuel Richardson, Oliver Goldsmith, Henry Brooke, Henry Mackenzie are only some of the well known names who have contributed to the richness of English literature with their memorable work. Internet has changed the […]

Proof Reading

When it comes to the success of any company, whether it’s a huge, well-established corporation or a small, newly established sole-trader, good copy is equally as important as sharp negotiation skills, strong market analysis and a persuasive personality. Try sending out advertising material that’s badly written and you might as well hand your clients to the competition and accept that you’ve lost. Good copy isn’t just about spelling, grammar and punctuation, though. It’s about tailoring what’s written on the page […]

Top books

The tale of Moby Dick  English literature is always quite alluring. There have been several great books written in the past, each having their own uniqueness which has made them prized pieces of literature. Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick is among those Great American Novels that has received a lot of acclaim and popularity. The book is considered to be a treasure trove by all the literature enthusiasts. This classic American novel which was published in the 19th century remains […]