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While we’ve previously been happy to accept commissions on any subject, we’ve now started specialising and prefer to accept projects that are based around either of those subjects or one that holds a particular interest for us.

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For example: one of our latest projects was to write an article on the new personalised iPhone 7 case that are available now to order online this was a project we really enjoyed working on as a lot of us are really into Apple products and with the arrival of the new iPhone 7, it felt right to take it on and the results speak for itself we believe that if your into what your writing about the results will dramatically improve in comparison to writing about something you have no interest in .

That said, we’re still more than happy to take on the majority of projects offered but there are some cases where the subject is not only outside of my fields of interest, it’s also a subject that we don’t feel would hold our interest enough for us to do justice to it.

When that happens we’d much rather pass on the work than write a piece that we haven’t given 100% application to.

For you, the client, this means that whenever we accept your commission you can be certain that the copy you receive will be written with a professional level of knowledgeable enthusiasm, and that’s something that your readers will notice.

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However there are grey areas that your subject may fall into as well as areas within each subject that we have no interest in and some which we categorically refuse to write about.

Ultimately, whether or not we can accept a commission will depend as much on my own ethical views as our interest in the subject.

Most of our articles have a word count of between 400 – 1000 words and although articles can be written at any length and a my rate card can be found here, the subject matter itself will often dictate the length and the price of the finished work.

After all, it’s far more challenging to write 3,000 words about “toothbrushes” than about “The Royal Family”, and still keep the reader’s attention.

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