Proof Reading

When it comes to the success of any company, whether it’s a huge, well-established corporation or a small, newly established sole-trader, good copy is equally as important as sharp negotiation skills, strong market analysis and a persuasive personality.

Try sending out advertising material that’s badly written and you might as well hand your clients to the competition and accept that you’ve lost.

Good copy isn’t just about spelling, grammar and punctuation, though. It’s about tailoring what’s written on the page to the client’s individual needs.

Where some copy needs to be short, snappy and straight to the point, another will need a more entertaining or informal approach.

The style used in a brochure advertising the services of a children’s nursery, for example, is likely to be very different to what’s needed for a company selling financial services, soft furnishings or fine art.

What’s written doesn’t only have to read well, it has to ‘feel’ right, too.

Whatever your needs, from a compelling sales letter to full online website content, I can help you create copy that will appeal to your customers whilst helping raise your company’s image.

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